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SHROUD Mother Fucking EATER are back with a new two song EP entitled Face The Master, and they prove that they can bring the HEAVY with the best of them. What gets me going about this band is their use of melody, which they wrap around GIANT riffs. CVLT Nation

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So what happens when a highly bugged out label decides to release a 5-way split? The end result is what I’m listening to now, while my brain is becoming all sorts of shit that I never knew existed. Our comrades over at TAPE OF A NEON GOD have put together

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Well, it makes complete sense that Coffin Birth hail from Australia, a continent thankfully isolated from the rest of the world due to the fact that every creature on it wants you dead. No really, this continent’s wildlife were pretty much designed through evolution to ensure that any encounter results

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Hi Scott, and many thanks for taking the time to do this interview with CVLT Nation. It seems like you have a lot of projects going on this year, so let’s touch on a few of them. How was the latest tour with The Road Home? How did the addition

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Insanely raging bands are creating urgent music worldwide. Today we want to share with you four full sets from four bands that should have your attention. FALSE LIGHT & ILSA both brought the pain to the most recent A389 Anniversary Show, captured by Hate5six. Next up is FEVER NEST, who

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Damn, this new TOLAR demo is so fucking good I’m almost at a freaking loss for words! If you are warrior for fast music, then this demo is right up your dirty alley…These Texans wreck shop from the moment you press play. We are streaming the demo in full below,

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