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Calling all death metal ghouls: come along and join this morbid riff parade! All you need to do is press play on the stream below and you will be tossed into a neverending pit of rotting riffs, brought to you by STEEL BEARING HAND. On their new self-titled album that

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Some bands are simply underrated, under-appreciated, or just unknown, and Toronto’s Chlorine falls into all three of of those categories.  Chlorine plays fast and raw hardcore and punk music that is similar to popular American bands like Hoax, Prisoner Abuse, Gag and Nazi Dust.  In just five songs, Chlorine accomplishes

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So much good music came out in 1984 it was hard to keep track of it all. One record that touched my life maybe more than any other was The Cult’s Dreamtime. In my book, this might be the best album the band ever created – all of the elements

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We back with another DRUG LUST feature! This time we are premiering one of their brand new tunes called “Acid Hound” and it’s a rumbling one-minute punch in the brain…I just can not get enough of their vocalist, his delivery gets me every time! We are also sharing with you

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Written by Gregg Harrington With a band name like The Whorehouse Massacre, one could make a few assumptions about what one is about to listen to. The first that comes to mind is the abomination that was mid-2000’s “hipster grindcore”: white-belted singers with flat-ironed hair writing songs about murdering girls that

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Scott Kelly is about to hit the road in Europe as his solo project MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE, alongside Sanford Parker aka TWO FROM THE EYE, and we highly recommend that our European readers find themselves at one of their shows! Scott Kelly knows how to create an atmosphere and

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