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Label: Profound Lore Records In recent years, Omenous Fugue and Ignis Fatuus have achieved a steadily growing reputation after joining Portal, one of the more unique Death Metal bands to ever emerge, and rightfully so; but perhaps lost in the mix is their more demented, cave-dwelling, bestial brainchild known as

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Haunting, Transcendental, Heavy, Magical, Heavy and Healing are some of the words that come to my mind while I listen to the new tape by Portland’s Muscle and Marrow entitled The Human Cry. This limited edition piece of sonic history will be released by one of my favorite tape labels,

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Black MetalCvlture

Poland is no newcomer to extreme metal, and indeed, the country’s contributions stretch back to the genre’s nascent days in the late 80s, when death metal acts like Vader, and later Decapitated and Hate, cemented themselves in death metal’s history. The end of the Soviet era saw a predictable rise

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Avant GardeBlack MetalMusic Videos

This is super rare and super awesome: check out CULT OF FIRE’s performance at this year’s Martyrdoom Festival. Much respect due to PITFULLOFSHIT for capturing this on point live ritual!

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Black Metal

Wolves In The Throne Room, Washington’s own all-natural Black Metaler’s, have been around the block. Twelve years as a band has sharpened Wolves In The Throne Room into a music machine, churning out excellent slabs of atmospheric, naturalistic black metal. Yet, in order to grow, one must move past the

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Welcome to the emaciated, corroded, rancid and consumed sonic hell of AKATHARSIA, a new but extremely obscure raw black metal/decaying punk band from the Bay Area, made up of former members of Lycus and current members of Negative Standards and Fell Voices. The demo kicks off with the eerie and shimmering first

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