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If I had to pick one California band from the 80′s that influenced me the most, it would have to be BLACK FLAG. Every time I saw them, I was left with a feeling of amazement. If you asked ten different people what their favourite line up was, you would

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Serpentine Path’s second record Emanations drops this week, marking a pivotal evolution from the band’s self-titled debut released in 2012. The focus remains the same though – soul crushing doom laden with tasteful death metal influences like Autopsy, while much has been said of the band’s members and previous bands,

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Heads are about to fucking roll!!! WOLFPACK 44 has a new album The Scourge that will be hitting the streets soon via Deadlight Entertainment. Their new song “Chambers of Nightmares” is a grand attack on all of your senses. When you press play, you will feel as if 600 serpents

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Black Metal

In this year so far, we have been gifted with a great amount of awesome releases. Within the black metal spectrum, we were gifted with great offerings from bands like Woods Of Desolation, Thantifaxath, The Great Old Ones and Sun Worship – just to name a few of my favorites.

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One Van, Two Bands, 16 days and 26 shows…sounds fun? Well, from what I can see from the film that Mitch Wells of THOU created called ONE VAN about their most recent tour with CLOUD RAT, it was all that. Check out this cool short film about music and friendship

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Death Metal

Somewhere deep in the decaying caves of death exist rituals that are kept secret from the rest of the world! QRIXKUOR of London create the kind of bleak ritualistic death metal that is highly addictive to fans of sonic sickness. They bury pure swirling clouds of hate under their murky

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