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by Oliver Sheppard Dead Cult may be the youngest band on the resuscitated All the Madmen Records, the anarcho-punk label founded by The Mob in 1978 and resuscitated in 2012 after a nearly 25 year hiatus. Dead Cult‘s 2-song “Ghosts Still Dance” 7″ is being released in June by All

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This is just fucking beyond amazing: KILLING JOKE live in Amsterdam 1981! Everything about this footage is stellar, from the sound quality to the epic performance of this legendary band. All hail KILLING JOKE!!!

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The Swedes are coming! Age of Woe just announced their upcoming May/June 2014 European Tour, Black Rain Over Europe, which sees them ripping through the continent alongside Moloken! These two bands will destroy your town and you won’t want to miss the terror they will unleash! Check the dates below,

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Does time ever stop? Or even rewind itself? Maybe. And if anything, time is just a feeling. An illusion. But not when it comes to EYEHATEGOD, apparently. The reason we say this is because when you slap their new self-titled album on the record player, the first collection of new

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From the very first day I heard them, I have been a fan, because early NEW ORDER is just so fucking good! Now check out this stellar performance of them performing in Berlin in 1981!

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GIDIM straight up is my new favorite black metal, and it’s about to be yours as well! From the first two seconds of this tape, I knew I was listening to something very fucking special and that I had to share it with the world. This is the kind of

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