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Exhumed from the tar pits and brought to a broth, the strange brew that is Cauldron Black Ram has spilled from its devil’s belly what is potentially their best release to date. Stalagmire bilges the stinking sod of all things black, death, thrash and doom. Stalagmire by Cauldron Black Ram

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Do you know fury? Do you know rage? Do you know bloodstained sonic rage? I do, because I’m blasting the new WE ARE THE DAMNED album entitled Doomvirate that will hit the streets on May 23rd via Lifeforce Records. These Portuguese speed demons have created the perfect storm of kill-the-weak

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Things have just gotten a little weird, or should I say a little emotional on the angular tip…Toronto’s GODSTOPPER has a new EP in the the works called Children are our Future. CVLT Nation has been given the honor of premiering their new video “Young Queen” below!

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Over the years of CVLT Nation, I have heard loads of off the chain fucking music! One person that has never let me down is the Brazilian one-man band DEAF KIDS. Everything that Douglas has created has been supernaturally good. He has a new two song EP entitled Over The

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I love ritual black metal as much as the next damned soul, but Verberis‘ Vastitas tape ups the ante on aggression without sacrificing atmosphere. There are eerie plucked notes sounding while frenetic riffs keep the music hostile. The keyboards are used sparingly, and Verberis don’t play it the way most

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This is just fucking MONOLITHIC… Sunn O))) live in Belgium at the De Kreun. Now lose yourself and watch 63 minutes of one of the heaviest bands on the planet!

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