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The other day we brought you the interview, today we bring you the exclusive stream of “Blank Stares,” one and half minutes of pillaging hardcore punk rawness taken from the forthcoming HOLY EP titled Seclusion MMXIV, which drops in July through Adagio 830 in Europe and Vitriol Records in the USA. The EP will

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80s HardcorePhotography

My poor mom…looking back, once I hit 13, I became mommy’s little monster! I was not the only one, because the hardcore movement spread across Southern California like wild fire. So many kids went from being the apple of their parents’ eyes to little shits that they could no longer

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The first time I heard Serpentine Path was a pretty great introduction. I had slept in my car the night before, after going out and partying straight after work and having nowhere to stay. I was on my second or third cup of coffee, hungover as shit, on one of

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Black Metal

Label: Profound Lore Records I am alone in an empty house. This might sound like an inauspicious start for a music review, but stick with me; after all, Agalloch has something of a skill for prompting introspection, especially in music writers. We talk about the spirits of the forests, frigid

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Apocalyptic BluesAvant GardeDocumentaries

When we hear music, we don’t always know where the foundation lies. Krautrock is at the foundation of a lot of music we like. For instance, if you asked many musicians who create black metal, positive punk (goth), space rock or doom metal, many of them would cite Krautrock as

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Some people might call the new tape by Vancouver’s INFIDEL a demo, but I call it a stellar collection of songs that will be a part of my life for a long time to come! Over the course of 7 songs, this band proves that they are a post punk

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