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…or at least listen to. There have been a lot of new dark postpunk and deathrock releases lately. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track. But here are some of the recent singles, EPs, and LPs that deserve your attention. 1. Catholic Spit – “Catholic Spit/ Generacion Suicida Split 7 Inch”

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Justin Broadrick is a name that needs little introduction. If you find it’s necessary, go buy every Godflesh record and brush up on your history. However, the wildly prolific Brummie has made Jesu his treasure in the last few years and after a two year wait, we have a new

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There are few bands that can still instill fear and unease with their music by creating an air of discomfort tinged with agony exuding from the creators’ souls. Portland’s The Body are one such band that do so, and they do it with an unnerving pride. Despite being a mere

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If you’ve been casting an eye on Ireland in the last two or three years, you may have noticed that it has become fertile ground for some exciting black metal bands; Sodb, Slidhr immediately spring to mind while you have upstarts like Ceaseless Blight. The mysterious Krawwl are the newest

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When I started doing these deathrock mixtapes in early 2012, my point was to illustrate that guitar-driven, dark punk in the deathrock tradition was alive and well, still evolving, despite some folks’ stubborn perception of this genre as being “old school.” (And, actually, as a genre that came into its

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Vista Chino is a new band from Los Angeles that plays hard rock in the same vein as their previous incarnation, thee legendary Kyuss. Kyuss existed from the late 1980’s and released some incredibly influential albums that I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t had the chance yet –

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