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This is just fucking MONOLITHIC… Sunn O))) live in Belgium at the De Kreun. Now lose yourself and watch 63 minutes of one of the heaviest bands on the planet!

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Today CVLT Nation is bringing you the next in our heaviest mixtape series – Doom Nation Vol. IV! This epic mixtape features 19 of our favorite doom bands, including Graves at Sea, Bog Oak, Asunder, Batillus, Witch, Salem’s Pot and many more. Hit play below and prepare to be crushed!

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Aww shit…Austin’s CHEST PAIN is all that and a big bag of powerviolence mixed with some bugged out Grindcore! Their soon to be released album Weltschmerz on To Live A Lie Records is the SHIT! These humans have a manic sense of urgency in all of their songs, but also

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TheĀ opening salvo of “Nothing” announces Column of Heaven’s album Precipice with a bulldozer crunch, furious drums and the only decipherable lyrics cutting through, saying “nothing” over and over again. The offset, the surprise, the negative energy and the ferocity are what make this band; and it’s exceptional this time around.

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Text and Photos via Quixotic Dreams. Written by Freddy Alva One of the more enduring motifs in the development of American hardcore is the oft-repeated description of this burgeoning youth subculture as being a predominantly white suburban dominated one. While this might have been true in certain quarters of the

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I have been waiting all fucking year for this album to be done, and now it’s almost here: BARGHEST’s The Virtuous Purge, coming out via Gilead Media in June 2014. After hearing just the demos months ago, I knew that this band was going to destroy everything around them with

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