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Talk to us about the creative process behind creating Metaprogramação? Mariano: We returned from a European tour in the middle of 2018 with the aim of writing and composing this record as fast as we could, to reach the due-dates we’ve had for its release and this year. That meant we

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What are you doing right now? Because you’ll remember this moment forever – you are about to experience one of the best splits of 2019. Have you ever heard of Crevasse or V0NT? If you haven’t, you are about to have your wig pushed back. Both bands have created music

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Kælan Mikla is an Icelandic band that really knows how to create Post Punk different than any other band doing it right now! Their last album Nótt eftir nótt that is out now Artoffact Records is one of my favorites of last year. Kælan Mikla has given us the honor of sharing

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Are you ready to feel the killer synth vibe of Dekathlon? The vocals you will encounter on The Thin Road 7″ will enchant you. On a personal level, I am hooked on this song because everything about it is perfect. “The Thin Road” is a tune that has many different layers.

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The third iteration of a fest shrouded in shadowy fury is more eclectic than ever. Six years ago in a florescent lit American Legion hall in the rain-soaked, oft-forgot whistle stop of Salem, Oregon, a couple dozen black, doom, death and neo-folk bands converged for two days of unholy sermonic

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HEALTH is a very interesting alternative rock/noise rock band from Los Angeles, which has been exploring the more direct and melodic intersections between electronic and rock music. Since the mid ‘00s this band has been investigating this concept, resulting in a series of intriguing releases. From their indie rock beginnings,

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