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1. The NIHILISTIC FRONT Now this I just do not understand: how an ultra heavy band like The NIHILISTIC FRONT is not more well known. Their 2013 album Procession To Annihilation is a Death Doom classic. If you consider yourself a fan of monolithic music and don’t dig this band,

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Lately there are two post punk/deathrock bands that I can not fucking get enough of, because they are just that spot ON! They go by the names A BLACK PEOPLE & NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. Both have released albums in past that are fucking perfect, but have been overlooked by

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Bristol, England’s Hateful Abandon are probably one of the more adventurous and ambitious bands around these days. Rooted, ultimately, in the black metal scene (specifically, depressive black metal bands Abandon and Basilisk), around 2006 or so frontman Vice Martyr took his project in a surprising new direction, mining British postpunk,

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Dekoder - Flowers to Clossom
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Dekoder’s second 12″ is a 6-song mid-tempo combo of old school gothic rock, anarcho-punk and plain old ’77 style punk, influenced by the more thoughtful side of the punk musical spectrum (more on the Penetration side of things than, say, the Blatz side of things). As with a lot of

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One of the most urgent post punk releases of 2014 came from CRIMINAL CODE, entitled No Device via the always on point Deranged Records, and the band went on a crazy long tour to promote this kick ass album. On their California leg of the tour, their homie Michel Valdes

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Creative Adult – Psychic Mess Run For Cover Records In this day and age, I feel like most bands skip out on the “album writing process” and try to piece together song after song to form an album. There’s something about being able to sit down, put on a record

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