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Does the word Question strike you as a fitting moniker for a death metal band? Regardless if you think so, Mexico’s Question are releasing a cassette through vaunted cassette tape-specializing Caligari Records in the near future, and as is with most of the label’s releases, you just can’t go wrong

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Wiegedood return with their third album, De Doden Hebben Het Goed III.  This album serves as part 3 to their album series dedicated to the loss of their good friend, Florent Pevée (from the band, Kabul Golf Club). Wiegedood are a black metal trio from Belgium, consisting of members from both Oathbreaker

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A band could do a lot worse than having their first recorded appearance be on a split with the legendary Martyrdöd, and Baltimore’s Neolithic did just that. With barely a month gone by, they are now set to release their new three song EP Cult of Ignorance (also via Deep

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Alright everyone my girlfriend/partner/person who puts up with me is out running errands and will probably be back soon so I gotta make this quick. Not because the Scandinavian thrash gods Foreseen deserve to be short changed in an article, but mainly so my partner and I can catch up

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Grave Upheaval’s latest full-length release doesn’t have a title, and the songs don’t have any either, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying their putrid, oozing, rotten style of ritual death metal. The record is cleaner production-wise this time around, as their last full-length album via the same label, Nuclear

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One of the most prominent bands in the extreme doom/death scene, Mournful Congregation grabbed everyone’s attention in 1999 with the release of their debut album, Tears from a Grieving Heart. Encapsulating all the sorrow and pain of the genre, the emotive lead work, the glacial pace and the introspective perception,

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