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Possessing a neck snapping metal sound akin to Slayer and The Icemen, Lowest Creature also appeals to fans of Iron Age and Integrity by combing an aggressive 80s thrash sound with the sheer pounding power of hardcore. They use their finely crafted songwriting together with their lyrical content to portray a dismal and unforgiving world. Since their inception in

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Are you fucking ready to experience your new Heavy Metal Anthem? If you are, then the ZIG ZAGS have exactly what you need! To say I am impressed with this band would be an understatement, because their songs make feel like I’m 13 again getting my head bang on to

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One band that has shaped my life is The CULT. Over 35 years they have been a constant in my world in one shape or another! No matter what kind of music I have been into, this band has always created music that has resonated with my reality. I remember

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Unholy awesome fuck, the almighty BEWITCHER is back with a new album entitled Under the Witching Cross and it rocks non-stop! This band lays down riffs that are more brutal than the police, and they create heavy metal anthems for outlaws and misfits. I saw this band perform last year

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I can’t front – before MOTLEY CRÜE came out with Shout at the Devil I hated them! Then they released this album, and loads of punks became fans of their dirty hair metal. In honor of this game-changing metal record, check out this killer MOTLEY CRÜE full set!

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Reversed – Widow Recluse: A Journey into Terror and Pustulant Horror There is a sound a fingernail makes when it scrapes at a particularly rough scab: harsh, rasping, and as the itch gets worse and the panic and need for relief grows, the scratching gets more frenetic. That’s kind of

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