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A Holy Land Beneath a Godless Sky possesses a beautiful, mournful melancholy. First impressions of this band might lead you to believe they are a more organic flavor of funereal doom. A closer listen to this Texas band carries you off with four song excursions into an ocean of tranquil

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With a really strong demo already on their resume, Dias Xila Leurc, Amniac strike back with their debut album, Infinite, prepared to meet the expectations. The Greek band nicely blends together the sound and vibe of great post metal acts such as Neurosis and Isis, with a touch of the

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The debut album by these Wisconsin metal mongers will take you by surprise. This might be third band to hold the name Bereft, but no need to worry, there’s nothing associated with the Faceless within ten feet of this band. Their debut album opens with the title track, which buzzes

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Label: Mass Media  One thing noticeable in 2014 was the current crop of “post-punk” revivalist bands trying to bring back goth that missed the boat. Sure, a lot of it was enjoyable, some of it even memorable, but it lacked something very tangible that made 80’s post-punk/death-rock/goth bands what they

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UK metal has had a pretty great year, with bands from all walks of the musical spectrum taking chances, building on their foundations and creating albums that speak to the heart, the soul and the darker side of the self. These records are six that had the band step up

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Cold Blue Mountain got their start as an instrumental act before adding vocalist Brandon Squyres. Their second full length, Old Blood, finds the band reluctant to jump right in with the metal as they incorporate a somewhat symphonic intro that leaves you wondering just what is behind the curtain, when

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