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How about some uncut and angry hardcore? If that is what you want then PRODUCT LUST will do the trick! Their soon to be released tape Year of the Rat is a total mind fuck that will have your brain cells bugging out non stop! Here are the questions: is

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Off fucking kilter but totally on point – TUNIC is a Noise Rock band that I can fuck with! Self Sabotage Records will be unleashing their debut LP Complexion on February 8th, and today we’re stoked to be sharing their urgent song “Nothing Nothing” with you below. Pre-order Complexion right here,

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Anyone who appreciates some Filthy Raging Demonic Blackened Thrash needs the new release from KNIGHT TERROR. Crypt of the Wizard will be unleashing their debut LP Conjuring A Death Creature on Dec. 1st, and today we’re stoked to be sharing their new LP in full below. Pre-order Conjuring A Death

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Ghost are having a pretty stellar 2018. They had a pretty stellar 2017 as well, and the forecast is good for 2019 and beyond. Ghost have always been a band who relied on selling an image – which, after four records, is pretty well-established. But their Abba/ doom vibe wasn’t

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What the fuck – this collection of video interviews is really beyond creepy! Caution: watch at your own risk. Honestly, this video is some of the most fucked up shit I have seen…  

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I can’t front – the world is a crazy place right now! I think today is the perfect day to lose yourself in the newest skate film from Creature – insane skating and kick ass tunes!  

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