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5 Horror Gems From 2018 You Might Have Missed 2018 offered a lot of great Horror for the world. There was the much-loved and praised Hereditary (overrated, in my eyes, but still good) and A Quiet Place, as well as the return of a couple of franchises that needed rebooting

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One of the things that struck me hardest living in the United States was how blatantly Amerocentric their history lessons were. Suddenly I was learning about events that I had grown up hearing about from teachers and family in a new way. One of those things was WWII, a war

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Unholy awesome fuck check out this insanely awesome footage of ENTOMBED killing in 1990.It’s epic watching them perform in a room full of heavy metal maniacs!!!

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2009 was kind of a huge and crazy year for music. People tend to laugh when I say that but I’m 100% serious (Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive list of all releases and it’s a fun scroll. It misses smaller releases obviously, but paired with some year end lists you

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Why do I love being a part of CVLT Nation – because I get inspired by so many of the bands or projects we cover. Case in point is the new video by HEALTH for their new song called “Slaves of Fear” (which is also the title of their new

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Listen to this exclusive track premiere called “Carbonic Dust” from Feral Light’s upcoming album Fear Rides A Shadow. Available on Compact Disc now via Init Records and Vinyl through Pulverised Records in February. Beginning the year with laying waste to the American rust belt, Minneapolis’s FERAL LIGHT will embark on a 2-week

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