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On this here review, we take on the venerable noise, black metal, punk vitrolic band known as Smoke and their latest release, the Het Laatste Ordeel LP. From the get-go, we’re swathed in a dense curtain of necro noise. The guitar sounds like discordant bass, and the cymbals are loud. It’s hard to tell the riffs apart, as they sound like they were recorded in a sewage tank.

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Do I love graffiti and street art? The answer is HELL Motherfucking YES!!! One thing that I have seen in all of my travels around the world is how graffiti as we know it started in South Bronx, but has now gone worldwide. This is really evident in the favelas of Brazil, especially in a place called Batman Alley.

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Calling all die hard metalheads, this feature is for you!!! DARK DESCENT has just released a free 9 track sampler. Press play and let the destruction of everything around you begin!

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Shit about to get real fucking ugly!!! On Feb. 17th, our comrades in primal doom PRIMITIVE MAN are unleashing their new 30 minute EP entitled Home Is Where The Hatred Is onto the world via Relapse Records. They have decided to punch us in the grill with their putrid-thrill brand of caustic sludge by streaming one of their new tracks, “Loathe” below.

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DOOM motherfuckers…140 minutes of KHANATE destroying shit in NYC via KillThatCat! Get HEAVY, Get DOOMED!!!

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When I normally think of the process of mummification, I picture the old Egyptian-style pulling the brain out through the nose technique – which is probably historically inaccurate, but I think I heard it as a kid and it stuck with me – and not about bodies salted and smoked for months, until every drop of moisture had left their body and they were perfectly preserved.

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