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This morning I was reading io9’s article outlining the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s – basically, a time when allegations of sexual and murderous Satanic cult rituals went through the roof. For a while there, “the Satanic Cult did it” was more plausible than the Butler.

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Text & Photos: Castle

In honor of our ‘California Cult Tour,’ we decided to pay homage to our favorite state with a tour diary of a different sort. As we travel along, we’ll be probing the underbelly of California ‘cult’ure to see if there’s something in the air, water or, the in case of our first entry, intersections of geomagnetic forces, that gives the golden state the advantage on weird.

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Next month is going to be a busy one for amazing shows in the Northwest, but CANNIBAL CORPSE and BEHEMOTH at the Commodore in Vancouver on February 11th is one you do not want to miss! These two giants of death metal are going to shred their way through your skull and leave an audience of zombies in their wake!

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Both dealers in misery and purveyors of the downtrodden, the two bands’ consummate pairing makes this release all the more impressive. Whereas Keeper are the sound of a tortured, agonised soul, Sea Bastard are the vehement pain-dealers, gloating in the presence of their comrades’ manacled, broken bodies and basking in their collective anguish – the tormented and the tormentor.

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Nature, Magic, Beauty, Enchantment and Ancient Lands are some of the words that come to my mind as I listen to the the new majestic Anilah & Wardruna song “Warrior (Revisited)” on repeat. This 11-minute composition is a soaring ritualistic anthem that will speak to so many parts of your

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Drowning The Light have a reputation that defies the normal introduction. In a CVLT Nation exclusive, we talk to Azgorh himself about the direction of the band’s upcoming 13th full length, From The Abyss – featuring the world debut of the track, “Below The Horizon He Stalks,” from this release.

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