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MoE is a three piece band from Oslo, Norway; formed by the composer, double bassist and improviser Guro Skumsness Moe, the experimental guitarist Havard Skaset and the drummer Joakim Heibo. They play a feral display of sludge, doom metal, crust punk, and noise rock with a particular method of composition, a unique sound and an original vocal work.

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It all just went down in Raleigh, NC at the To Live A Lie Records 10th anniversary! CVLT Nation has mad respect for Will Butler has done with his label and all of the unreal releases he has put out over the years!

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So you are into death, and all of its forms and trappings…what do you do for fun? There are a ton of ways to occupy your spare time with all things morbid, and today I’ve got three of them for you.

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What punk scene captured my imagination the most during 80’s? It had to be the UK scene, especially once I started getting into Peace Punk real heavy. Today CVLT Nation wants to share with you portraits of 80’s UK Punk culture!

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Our comrades in sonic heavy weirdness, EOLIAN EMPIRE Records from PDX, have a new comp coming out on Feb. 3rd entitled (We’ve Got) Fiends In Low Places: Heavy Vibes Internationale. Over the course of 15 tracks, you will be slapped in the face by off the wall bands and their take on sound waves!

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From the opening track, “What Lies Ahead,” you know you are in for a destructive force, and by the second song you realize you might be hearing some of the best riffs since IMPALERS Psychedelic Snutskallar LP.

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