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To a young metal head reared on a steady diet of Mercyful Fate and Iron Maiden, Napalm Death seemed to be the only metal band punk rock kids listened to, and were thus deemed inferior. After all, where were the haunted houses and devils on their album covers? After junior year, a girl said to me, “There’s this band you might like called Christian Death…” and my life was changed, and many such oversights have since been rectified.

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Trippy, lo-fi, passionate, weird and bugged out are some of the words to describe this new skate video by FANCY LAD “FL3.” I love where these dudes are coming from – skating made fun again, on a low budget tip!A lo-fi Skating Video that is an LSD TRIP’s worth of fun!

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A sonic typhoon of audio destruction that will leave you wanting more! The long overdue record by HEXIS & THIS GIFT IS A CURSE is streaming below and I’m fucking impressed by both bands’ tunes.

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What punk band conquered the crossover market the most during the 80’s? The CRO-MAGS – they did it like no other. Now peep this classic footage of them wrecking shop in Maryland…the year was 1986!

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There are many fascinating museums in this world, but one that is near the top of my list to visit is the Mittelalterliches Kriminalmuseum (Medieval Crime Museum) in Rothenburg, Germany. The Kriminalmuseum is dedicated to the history of European law over the past ten centuries or so, with a special emphasis on medieval punishments.

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My favorite site is actually more of a portal back in time – the INTERNET K-HOLE. It’s now time for you to take a journey into a place where kids raised themselves and PC was not a term yet!

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