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ONE: DRUG CULT S/T If there’s room in your life for another ethereal exponent of monolithic doom music, then Drug Cult will be happy to provide you with the necessary top-up injection. This Ritual Productions self-titled debut release introduces the Australian quartet to an audience beyond the southern hemisphere, and anyone happy to digest

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I guess you could say I’m down with PMA, but damn do I like my sludge dirty, doomy and full of dirge. So when I really need to feel some down-tuned misery I put on TOADLIQUOR. These dudes were from Arroyo Grande, CA and starting in the early 90’s they

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This feature is a celebration of Ric Clayton – RxCx – and his book that came out this year called Welcome to Venice. Below you will read about the impact he had on his friends’ lives and how we all have noting but love for him. Josh Klassman is an

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ONE:  Superstition Surging Throng of Evil’s Might “Death’s Fuming Passage” introduces this onslaught with raw-throated bellows surfacing from the murky depths and further punctuated by thunderous crashing drums and full-speed, aggressive riffs. Although the sound production could be improved, Surging Throng of Evil’s Might proves to be a sinister listen from start

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ONE: INNUMERABLE FORMS  Punishment in Flesh  If someone asked me right now what is the top Death Doom record of 2018 so far, I would have to tell them in a heartbeat that it is INNUMERABLE FORMS Punishment In Flesh. I can’t stop listening to this new underground masterpiece because it is

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ONE: Dakhma – Hamkar Atonement “Akhoman (Spill the Blood)” is my favorite song on the album, as it subtly brings out all the pieces that Dakhma are great at. The beginning of the song presents more rhythmic, almost hypnotic like drum beats until the wall of noise returns, however the

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