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Star Wars has forever changed the landscape of pop culture – a classic story of good versus evil, telling us that even millennia in the future the conflict is black and white. But maybe we’re not seeing the full story…are the bad guys always that bad? Sure, the Stormtroopers are

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via Dazed Digital The doom and drone metal icon Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) fame is a man of many talents; producing music since 1993, forming many bands including KTL, Khanate and Burning Witch, not only that but he has also collabrotated with choreographers, sculptors and perfromances artists on numeroes

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The resurgence of 90’s era post-hardcore has not gotten the same outpouring other subgenres might have experienced. There was a burst of bands who paid tribute to the more gritty Amp Rep vein. The Jesus Lizard was getting winks from several bands a couple of years ago, but nothing as

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by Kayla Chobotiuk via Featureshoot Under a macro lens, the eye takes on new dimensions of intricate detail reminiscent of surreal landscapes and otherworldly surfaces. In Animal Eyes, Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan’s extreme close-ups offer a glimpse into an unseen reality in the eyes of animals, both domestic and exotic.

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In what could be called an unholy melding of two different worlds, Churchburn have stepped out of the blackness to deliver a rather bold preview for what is to come from this project. Created by former Vital Remains guitarist and lynch pin Dave Suzuki, tempered by the earth-sundering drums of

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Sometimes when you’re done screaming your heart out, you need to take a rest from the aggressive sounds, and that’s only fair, because when the cathartic effect is done, you often have nothing left in you to be mad about. While indie singers are not prone to have hardcore projects,

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