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I’ve long been a strong proponent of, when given the chance, experiencing a band for the first time in a live setting. This was definitely something that worked in favour of The God Bombs. While I’ll admit that most of their musical wheelhouse falls a little outside of what I typically gravitate towards usually, they played with energy and definitely won me over. Bonus points awarded for the interplay between the vocals from all members of the band, which a time or two reminded me of older Blood Brothers material. Additional bonus points for the Cure cover. I just felt a bit bad for these guys, because in spite of the show ultimately selling out, there couldn’t have been much more than ahundred people at the venue during their performance.

The God Bombs

It’s an absolute testament to the fact that Chelsea Wolfe has something for literally everyone, that no genre boundaries apply here. Given Chelsea Wolfe‘s almost meteoric rise in popularity in underground music, it was no surprise that the venue was starting to feel quite full. While undoubtedly the majority came for Ministry, the way the crowd observed, enraptured, was a pretty clear indication that a fair few people left the venue that night as Chelsea Wolfe fans.

 Chelsea Wolfe

I suppose it’s safe to say that in these times, music with a political undercurrent has never been more relevant, so it’s fitting that Ministry would drop a new album to acknowledge this. Understandably, the set was rather heavy on newer material, although a few of the classics were featured. Also featured was a surprise appearance by Burton C. Bell assisting on vocal duties, something that was definitely a treat for Fear Factory fans, of which I’m sure there were many in attendance.




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