CVLT Nation Captures DRAB MAJESTY in Cardiff


Plus: Dune Messiah, Private World.

The Moon, Cardiff. 14.02.2018

In 2017 Drab Majesty unleashed their newest work The Demonstration onto the world and it didn’t take long for it to become clear it would be one of the stand out records of 2017. The UK had been eagerly awaiting a full tour for some time so when it was announced that Drab Majesty would be heading to our shores in early 2018 the buzz could be felt in every corner of the island.

Drab Majesty is the solo-project of Deb DeMure, the alter-ego of LA based musician Andrew Clinco and the project has been gaining critical acclaim for the self-dubbed brand of “Tragic Wave” since the self-released Unarian Dances in 2012. Brought to us tonight by Joshua Smith (Swine Language Records, Chain of Flowers) and Ross Jones (Chain of Flowers) and presented on stage as a duo – Drab Majesty will find themselves in Cardiff, Wales and in the claustrophobic surroundings of a sold out venue by the name of The Moon (which has recently been brought back to life by impassioned music fans after being threatened with closure. It is a wonderful sight to see the venue so full this evening.)

First up though are Cardiff’s newest darlings Private World, who impress after only a handful of live shows in their short career thus far and suggest there is much to look forward to from this young band. Next up we witness the brooding Neo-Folk of Copenhagen based Dune Messiah who offer a well-crafted and extremely powerful set led by the charismatic Magnus Westergaard.

Photo by Void Revelations

Photo by Ben Mainwaring

The room is packed to the brim and the anticipation can be felt in the cold winter air as the crowd wait anxiously for Drab Majesty to take to the stage. Just as that anxiety threatens to turn to frustration and almost on cue, they emerge through the crowd and appear on stage bathed in luscious blue light and icy smoke. The crowd is instantly transfixed on the pair as they begin an almost trance like introduction to their set, further lifting the tension as the synths build and the energy in the room reaches tipping point as they break into Dot In The Sky and the crowd starts to sway as a singular entity as the audience is drenched in the euphoric beauty of the opening track. The gorgeous reverb guitar tones of Deb DeMure are of such beauty that it’s difficult to resist their almost futuristic take on 80’s new wave and throughout their hour long set, the crowd remain completely under their spell.

Photo by Void Revelations

Photos by Void Revelations


Photo by Ben Mainwaring

At times during the evening, it really does feel like you’re watching something other-worldly, the performance is one of such tranquil beauty that you find yourself totally emerged in their world as you observe the androgynous duo walk you through a selection of their back catalogue. The strength of the song-writing shines through throughout the performance tonight and as we reach the climax of the set with a stunning performance of Not Just A Name it is clear to all in attendance that we have witnessed a musical project destined for much grander things. If there is any justice in our world Drab Majesty will soon reach the stars…exactly where they belong.


Photos by Void Revelations


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