Debt’s Paid… Video Premiere: BRASS “Disco/EVM”

I watch a lot of music videos for my job, and it’s rare that one catches me by surprise and keeps me riveted throughout. But this video from Vancouver’s debauched punks BRASS is fucking rad. It takes the piss at the same time as it gives you that sick, sinking feeling in your stomach, and it’s a surreal visual trip at the same time. Brass just released a new album last month called For Everyone, and they’ve blended two of the tracks, “Disco” and “East Van Musk” with some whisky, lemon juice, and blood to create a video that I’m about to watch again after writing this. I’m stoked that we’re premiering this to the world right here and now, so check it out and make sure to pick up For Everyone here.



Written, directed, and shot by Rob Zawistowski.
Music composed and performed by Brass
Make up/effects by Jackie San Juan


Photo by Asia Fairbanks


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