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SERPENT NOIR “Erotomysticism”

DAEMON WORSHIP Productions is back with another off the chain release that has come in the form of the new SERPENT NOIR  record Erotomysticism. This band creates the kind of Black Metal that is full of hidden portals of transcendental decay and morbid grand melody. An extreme amount of thought and conviction went into conjuring up this album, which is evident from the first moment you press play. CVLT Nation has been given the honor of streaming SERPENT NOIR’s Erotomysticism in full below. Make sure to stay tuned for our full review of this majestic offering and you can pre-order it HERE!


‘Erotomysticism’ is the outcome of a Draconian collaboration, coming from the deepest core of the Draconian Brotherhood of Ordo Draconis et Atri Adamantis.

Life and reality are not those appeared to be. There are other worlds (makrocosmic and mikrocosmic) , alternative realities as well as parallel universes to enter and explore. There is another path in life… A dark path cloaked in mystery! Those who choose to enter this path will find a whole new meaning in life.


This path is not any form of escapism from the mundane world but a path which opens all possibilities in life. It is the path of ecstasy, darkness and light and actual magical brotherhood. The path leads to a new world of beauty, true Will and Dark Magic. A world of spiritual freedom and the absolute  existential pursuit through Initiation. This is the Path of the Red Dragon. To enter it, one needs first and foremostly to be true and honest to him/ herself. Then to find the gate to it.


Dragon Rouge is a real magical Order which redefines the true Left Hand Path through the Qliphotic Initiation and the Draconian Tradition,  applying the magical methods of the Old to the modern world we live in. Dragon Rouge provides a unique system of Dark Magic and gives to one the possibility to take the most beautiful journey in life towards the search of the deepest Self: We choose to enter the darkest regions of existence and the well hidden corners of consciousness where the latent forces of Man lie.


Dark Magic and the Draconian Path is not for everyone but if it is for you, we will welcome you.”


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