Here is a very interesting live footage feature featuring three elite young Death Metal bands from the States. All three of them are on the verge of blowing the fuck up within the next year and they all performed together in AZ recently. The three bands are: Mortiferum, who off the strength of a sick demo are now signed to Profound Lore; Fetid, who’s tape Sentient Pile of Amorphous Rot released by Headsplit Records // Extremely Rotten Productions is sold out (it’s getting the vinyl treatment by Baneful Genesis Records; and Ceremented, who is in the process of recording their debut full length for one of our favorite labels – stay tuned for more info. All of these bands have been able to create Death Metal in their own fucked up likeness, and the results are unreal. It’s your job to do your best to find their demos somewhere, and to make sure that you pick up their new releases when they come out. I get so excited when I hear new bands that are doing shit on their own terms and not following trends!

All photos via Nick Ponticello


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