Majestic Black Noise! Premiere Streaming: Gnaw Their Tongues ‘Genocidal Majesty’

Twisted Thoughts. Demented Sounds of Torment. Horrific Beauty wrapped around our unlocked imaginations. These are the kinds of things that I think about as I listen to the new Gnaw Their Tongues Lp entitled Genocidal Majesty. The title of this record fits this sonic journey into the underworld perfectly. Maurice “Mories” De Jong does not make easy on the ears kind of music which is why he is so fucking rad. From the moment you press play you will find yourself locked in a sonic horror film where you are the prey and you just might not make it out alive! Genocidal Majesty comes out this Friday via Consouling Sounds , & Tartarus Records but before then we are streaming the whole thing below.



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