Mossbreaker Between the Noise and You Premiere

Today we have a rather unique collection premiering from Mossbreaker, in the form of this Los Angeles triumvirate’s debut full-length Between the Noise and You – an apt title considering everything that goes on throughout the album’s eleven tracks. Twisting together the best of 90’s alternative rock from Nirvana’s world-weary diatribes to the spacial meanderings of My Bloody Valentine, Mossbreaker occasionally straddle the line into early aughts alternative on tracks like “Shamer.” Blessed with a towering atmosphere in spite of its tame genre trappings, Between the Noise and You taps into its own kind of savagery, such as on the melodically-shifting “Runway.”

Permeating the album is a vast array of sonic gorgeousness that is as impassioned as it is melancholic, all wrapped into one guarded but accessible package. Among this array are contributions by fellow artists, to include guest vocals by Failure’s Ken Andrews on the title track and keyboards provided by the Grammy-nominated Roget Chahayed. Not unlike bygone revivalists Superheaven and Nothing, Mossbreaker are an outfit that one would be remiss to not notice and between you and them, there’s much noise here to get lost in.


Between the Noise and You can be streamed in its entirety below and is available from Glory Kid Ltd. on 7/28.

Be sure to catch Mossbreaker on the dates below, including the release show in Los Angeles tonight:

9/7 – LA – w/Sheer
9/8 – SF – w/Sheer
9/9 – Portland – w/Sheer
9/10 – Seattle
9/11 – Eugene
9/12 – Oakland/Santa Cruz



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