A Passion for Death… Hell’s Hearse Fest

Car culture in America is huge. Maybe that’s an obvious statement for the Americans reading this, but you need to understand that in other countries, car shows are not the ubiquitous events they are in every state and city of the USA, featuring every niche of car/truck/ATV that exists. So it’s no surprise that every September, Hell, Michigan is home to a gathering of deathly transport – the Hell’s Hearse Fest. The fest celebrates the hearse in all its incarnations, and it’s hosted by the Just Hearse’N Around club, a group of passionate hearse owners. Hearses from around the continent come out to display their hearses and ogle other people’s. I love me a vintage hearse– to look at. Don’t make me get in one if I have somewhere to be in a hurry. Those fuckers take forever to get from point A to point B. But wandering around a field in a place called Hell admiring death coaches that have carried countless corpses to their final resting places sounds like Heaven to me, even if it is in Michigan. Here’s a few of the hearses to be found at the fest, which happens on September 16th of this year (more info here).





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