Premiere Streaming: PUTRIFIED’s ‘The Flesh. The Scythe. The Tomb.’

Raging filth that crushes everything in its path to behead the listener with dirty fucking riffs from the underworld! These are the images that come to my mind as I listen to the new PUTRIFIED 7 inch entitled The Flesh. The Scythe. The Tomb. that comes out on Dec. 19th via Unholy Prophecies. I freaking love this record because it reminds of the moment I first heard Slayer, but with way more sense of urgency and anger. I wave the PUTRIFIED flag high because this band fucking ROCKS HARD! They also fucking kill shit with their war-like covers of The Misfits “Devil’s Whorehouse” and CELTIC FROST’s “Morbid Tales.” Right here and now, CVLT Nation is stoked to be streaming The Flesh. The Scythe. The Tomb. in full…





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