Smell The Rage! Japanese crust legends LIFE Captured!

Text & Photos: Darryl Reid

I really don’t know what to say about seeing Japanese crust legends Life play Varning Fest this year except to say it was fucking insane. Watching Life play a show is like watching a pack of methed-up chimpanzees tearing the shit out of an abusive circus trainer. I swear to god, I would need a year’s supply of coke to pull off one night of the energy these guys have, and not only did they play the second night of Varning, they did an after show until six in the morning.

Musically, Life was on fucking point the whole night, even at six in the morning and nearing the point of total exhaustion, when even the coked out punks were dropping like flies. Life kept it going like they were driven by some mad need to play crushing crust punk.

lifekult1 lifekult2 lifekult3 lifekult9 lifekult8 lifekult6 lifekult5 lifekult4 lifekult10 lifekult11 lifekult12 lifekult13 lifekult14


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Raphael Alves Rangel

There’s a photobook called Photo and Destroy. It shows a lot of great pictures from the japanese Hardcore/ Punk scene.

Raphael Alves Rangel

I’m glad that I got one

Nicolas Parisé

^ouais j’avais vu ça passer

Reno Barbe

Mueco shirt, Nicolas