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It’s getting to be ridiculous the number of punk bands that don’t sing in English anymore and that’s great. I guess most people stopped trying to sound like Brit-punk or American hardcore and started doing their own things. It’s good that this happens, and if on one hand, the internet

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For now and forever, The Misfits are one of my favorite bands. We blast them at least once a week in the CVLT Nation HQ. I recently found this killer full set of them performing in Los Angeles in 1982. This is a must-see video for any Misfits fan – on the

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Who did I fear in 1982? I feared the media, and all of the lies they put out about my generation. I was scared that my mom would ship me off to a boot camp to march the punk rock out me. I remember watching this documentary with my mom

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One of my all-time favorite early 80’s hardcore bands will always be The Adolescents; these kids made music that was way beyond their years! This group of OC punks articulated the thoughts of our generation like no other band has since. Musically, The Adolescents rewrote what a punk song sounded

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