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Here at CVLT Nation, we’re obsessed with everything occult – just take a look at our features on witchcraft, the Left Hand Path, Satanism – or pretty much everything on the CVLT Nation Bizarre. So today we want to feed your mind’s eye with a rad collection of occult images that

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I intended to write a review of the Dark Horse graphic novel Aleister & Adolf, but soon I realized that it had to be more than just that, as the message in the graphic novel by Douglas Rushkoff and illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming is just too powerful and meaningful

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When it was announced in February that some witches were planning a mass ritual to stop Donald Trump, the Internet mostly reacted with bemusement, as one would expect. Not all were so amused, though; some fearful and angry Christians called for a mass prayer to protect Trump from the evil

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Some of the age-old horrors that even now are festering in out-of-way corners with a few monstrous priests to keep them alive. Some people know things about the universe that nobody ought to know, and can do things that nobody ought to be able to do. – H.P. Lovecraft, The Thing

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In part one of this examination, we looked at how the French Revolution upended traditional seats of authority in France. The Monarchy was literally decapitated, and the Church’s role in French society was greatly diminished. In the wake of the French Revolution – and the Enlightenment that helped spawn it – Romantic

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Jack Parsons died on June 17 1952, after being literally blown to pieces by an explosion that also destroyed his laboratory – he managed, however, to remain conscious after the explosion. Despite there being a number of different theories as to the cause – ranging from a simple accident to an obscure alchemical

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