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Here is a very interesting live footage feature featuring three elite young Death Metal bands from the States. All three of them are on the verge of blowing the fuck up within the next year and they all performed together in AZ recently. The three bands are: Mortiferum, who off

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Primitive. Crawling. Wretched. These are the most simplistic terms I would use to describe the music on Ceremented’s Chaos Mongering Degradation. Almost like a more stripped-down, Death-obsessed version of Burning Witch, the world of Ceremented is all too bleak. Without the smallest glimmer of hope or light, the four tracks

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I FUCKING LOVE HEARING SICK NEW BANDS THAT TOTALLY CRUSH EVERYTHING INSIDE OF ME!!!!!! So the other day, I got a message from this band Ceremented and felt like I needed an intense shower after the first listen. Then I said to myself – I need to let our CVLT Nation

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