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The rise of Scandinavian black metal in the ‘90s had a ripple effect in the extreme metal scenes across the globe. Each regional scene adopted many of the characteristics of the second black metal wave, from the raw production, the DIY ethic, the communal spirit, but of course with its

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2017 came to a close with Dawn Ray’d’s The Unlawful Assembly ending up on a truckload of year-end lists. The album certainly deserved all of the accolades it received (although I personally could have done without the awkward folk passages that bookended each side). It was a blistering atmospheric black

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Written by TJ Kliebhan It’s all about the music, right? Most artists today come with some type of extraneous trait that they use to further their music and how to interact with it, but some artists choose to reject this notion. Across genres such as R&B, Electronic and Pop music, artists

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