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The general intention is for there to be dark music that’s hopefully not too cynical. Founded in 2009 by Jonathan Tuite, independent music label The Flenser started out as what Tuite describes as an extension of the Black Metal scene — particularly the one-man bands that deviated from the more

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Photos and Text by Charles Nickles Eight hours of The Flenser is a LOT of fucking Flenser especially when you consider doors are at 7pm but I’m all in with the gung-ho, bro! My belly’s rich with hummus, my blood is iced coffee and I’ve hidden an extra pack of

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The A Strange Day Festival is taking place on Friday Sept. 8th 2017 in Olympia, Wa. The line up is so on point that it’s pretty fucking unreal – peep it: Chameleons Vox, Soft Kill, Have A Nice Life, Body of Light, All Your Sisters, Draa. If we could, we would be there

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Black Wing is a solo project masterminded, executed and recorded by the eclectic Dan Barrett, the man responsible for the bleak stylings of Giles Corey and one half of the the melancholic shoegazey drone lords Have a Nice Life. The project was initially conceived as an all-digital foray into the

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Curious to see if Have A Nice Life had released something new this year (I couldn’t remember for the life of me when they released their last album), I found the bandcamp of their label The Flenser. After listening to all of their 40 releases – from Palace of Worms The

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