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Sombre – Philippe Grandrieux I direct music videos, and I’ve been lucky enough to have three of them premiered here on CVLT NATION – The Gathering for Young and In The Way, Fall With Me for Liar in Wait and Meredith for Empires of Light. I’m really interested in how

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Watching an epic, hour-long battle scene on Game of Thrones the other day, it occurred to me how immune I had become from scenes of violence. Graphic slayings, beheadings, throat-cuttings and flayings no longer made me squirm or look away. Since my childhood in the 80s, I have developed a

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The cool thing about living in a post-post-post(?) modern era like the 2010s is the wealth of cinema and art from which to draw inspiration from. There’s the phrase “there’s nothing new under the sun,” which is probably true, but if that’s the case, then maybe we haven’t had to

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With my sadness over the recent passing of H.R. Giger, it seemed only appropriate when one of my other favorite conceptual horror artists, Paul Gerrard, sent me an email about Company of Shadows, his debut art book that explores the inspiration behind his characters. When I first discovered Gerrard’s work

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Phil Anselmo doesn’t need an introduction so there isn’t even a point in trying one right now. However, in recent years he’s added more strings to his bow with the establishment of Housecore Records along with his forthcoming solo record. Now teaming up with crime author Corey Mitchell, Anselmo has

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