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We no longer record our history in our minds, or on stone tablets and walls that will carry our marks for centuries to come. As each decade has passed, we have found more fleeting capsules to contain our words and wisdom, scrolls that decay and books that burn, film that

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Germanic Neo Paganism is also often referred to as “heathenry.” Odinism, and paganism that includes the worship of Odin, really needs little introduction when it comes to Scandinavian Black Metal. Unfortunately, when a bastardized version of North European paganism known as Ásatrú came into popularity in the United States in

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Börn are from Reykjavik, Iceland, and they’ve just released a new 4-song EP on the eve of their first US tour (Tour dates and a stream of their new self-titled EP are below). The band channels the dark and desperate spirit of past fellow Scandinavian postpunkers in Kitchen and the

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Iceland’s Muck proves hardcore can be many things. It was not until Jacob Bannon screamed at me in 1997 that I was calling it my right, while he was calling it my weakness, that I accepted hardcore as anything that did not sound like The Age of Quarrel. Fast forward

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Holy smokes, Satan! Mannveira just got played five times on repeat while I swivel on my chair at Al Necro HQ multi-tasking with great difficulty. The reason being that the music on Mannveira’s Von Er Eitur is absolutely spellbinding. I’m having to follow the rung notes to the speakers that give them life in my home office, and I have to say that I really missed out on this band writing my 2014 End of Year List.

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