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Layers of PAIN, Layers of DEATH, Layers of TORMENT, Layers of TRANSCENDENTAL AGONY and a Black Metal record that is fucking perfection! This is what you are going to find below when you hear the TUJAROT Existencialista LP in full below. I am speechless at how UNREAL and moving this

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Total destruction! Total chaos! Total mayhem! Total darkness! Total unholy fucking awesomeness! The soon to be released Temple Desecration record Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos that comes out on July 13th via Iron Bonehead Productions is a feral sonic beast!!! Every second of this record descends into a pit of total torment!

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I was turned on to Saviours of Armageddon, an album released by Iron Bonehead Productions, through the helpful suggestion of a friend who had an ear to the underground. “This isn’t getting released yet,” he said, “but here’s a sneak peek.” The sound was notably necro and second-wave black metal

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This Russian band, Vhorthax, has donned their robes and set off into the darkness of a black metal band, but the end result is something with a more subterranean grind on their Iron Bonehead EP Nether Darkness releasing this month. Often the term “Blackened Death Metal” is tossed around to typically refer

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Unholy awesome fuck – Iron Bonehead Productions has done it again and found a band that I can’t fucking get enough of! They go by the name Vhorthax and they hail from Russia, and on their debut LP this band brings raw, uncut pain to your ears! Nether Darkness is the name

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If you asked me what has been one of my most insane listening experiences of 2017, I would say TETRAGRAMMACIDE’s Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix in a fucking Black Heart Beat. Everything that this band does has a deeper meaning – case in point, their artwork for the new record has

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