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How do you feel about Death Metal that slaughters all who stands in the path of its razor-sharp riffs? The new release from House Of Atreus is coming for you and promises to leave a trail of severed heads in its wake! Iron Bonehead Productions will be unleashing their sophomore LP From the Madness

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Anyone who appreciates some FUCK THE WORLD Black Metal is going to lose their shit for the new release from BLACK FUNERAL! Iron Bonehead Productions unleashed their new LP The Dust and Darkness on Sept. 5th, and today we are stoked to be sharing The Dust and Darkness in full below. Hit play

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Dakhma – Hamkar Atonement Dakhma are a blackened death metal duo from Switzerland, who primarily focus on the subject of Zoroastrianism, which is one of the world’s oldest active religions. Hamkar Atonement is the band’s first full-length and spans 61 minutes over 7 mind bending tracks. I have to warn

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Layers of PAIN, Layers of DEATH, Layers of TORMENT, Layers of TRANSCENDENTAL AGONY and a Black Metal record that is fucking perfection! This is what you are going to find below when you hear the TUJAROT Existencialista LP in full below. I am speechless at how UNREAL and moving this

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Total destruction! Total chaos! Total mayhem! Total darkness! Total unholy fucking awesomeness! The soon to be released Temple Desecration record Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos that comes out on July 13th via Iron Bonehead Productions is a feral sonic beast!!! Every second of this record descends into a pit of total torment!

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I was turned on to Saviours of Armageddon, an album released by Iron Bonehead Productions, through the helpful suggestion of a friend who had an ear to the underground. “This isn’t getting released yet,” he said, “but here’s a sneak peek.” The sound was notably necro and second-wave black metal

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