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Do some head rolls before you hit play on this new L’ACÉPHALE video for their tune “Runenberg,” because your neck is about to get a workout! This black metal horde is channeling the chaotic sounds of Hades itself in this blistering track off their upcoming April 19th release on Eisenwald

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Raw punk-infused death metal with occasional black metal rasps? What will guys come up with next? I don’t care at this moment, as this cryptic little description rips some. These guys are called Gilded Lily, and no, they’re not a goth act. Forgive the screaming at the start of the

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Label: Union Finale When it comes to dark ambient music, this is probably as good as it can get. I know what you are thinking: you have been smothered by bands and artists’ trying to pass meaningless repetition of synths and bad production for dark music, but it is not

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