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How awesome is the collabo project between MEMNON SA and MISER called PILLARS OF TIAMAT? It’s beyond majestic and transcendental – these two have created a sonic voyage that defies labels! In a world full of madness, I love music that uplifts and heals. PILLARS OF TIAMAT’s songs sound like no

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It’s no secret – despite what the US administration believes – that the world is headed for some seriously fucked up times. Human beings, along with much of the life on our planet, is very likely headed for the sixth mass extinction. Hurricane after hurricane, earthquake after earthquake, cancer, drought

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I feel like I am traveling to another galaxy. I feel like nothing else matters but the music I am listening to right now. I feel like I am listening to one of the most out of this world releases of 2017, and it was created by MEMNON SA. The

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I always enjoy a good drone doom album. Huge riffs, slow tempo, psychedelic influences and trippy situations. Well, you can find all that within the latest Memnon Sa full-length, Citadel. This cosmic drone band, coming from beneath the colossus (according to their own page), is channeling in a fantastic manner

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