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The minute I hit play on this video from SAINT KARLOFF for their song “At the Mountain of Loudness,” my brain was screaming “YESSSSSSS!” and a wave of hair-raising electricity washed over me! This is some heavy, groovy, addictive riffing! To make it even better, it’s a track off an

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Honored to present an exclusive track premiere from the LA based instrumental doom quartet Goliathan, from their new EP of the same name. The song is an exciting blend of doom, stoner rock, and postrock elements, masterfully put into a musical story telling form, that goes from heavy and powerful

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Sunnata started off their career under the awesome name Satellite Beaver. Now, I do not know how you walk away from something like that, but for whatever reason, they did, changing their name and putting out their Asteroid single and Climbing The Colossus album under the new moniker. When it

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Can you briefly tell us the genesis of Pallbearer, how the band was formed and what you set out to do when the band first started? Brett and I formed the band in 2008, concurrent with another project we had going called SPORTS. Eventually, Devin joined us after we had

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I just fucking love psychedelic stoner rock. It is so much fun listening to albums that are heavy, trippy and have a fair bit of improvisation in there to make things a bit more interesting. And that is exactly the deal with Craang from Greece. The very moment I glanced

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Sometimes you just wanna trip balls. Sometimes you just wanna space out. Sometimes you just wanna travel with your mind as far as it will go and get lost in the kaleidoscope of existence, sink in the infinity of space, and lose yourself in the arms of eternity. Sometimes you

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