Tripping In A Batcave – Moira Scar unveils “Wound World Part 1”

I remember several years ago booking a tour and browsing Bay Area femme-fronted punk bands that erred on the side of cavernous or aggressive and while we never wound up playing together, I was blown away by the nondescript ephemera Moira Scar exuded both acoustically and aesthetically. I thought to myself, “these people don’t give a FUCK.” They’re doing what they want and the end product reflects that wholly. In fact, I’d dare say they’re personal role models of mine. And, luckily for us, they just released a new album.


World Wound Part 1 spans almost every genre I concern myself with and, most importantly, does it all well. It’s hard to know where to begin, but the general atmosphere is filled with a thick fuchsia smoke that seems to emit out of some cosmic cauldron located in a dimension only accessible by the most adept queer diviners and hierophants. Intensely-fuzzed Sabbathian slug riffs well up to fuel an astral bulldozer guided by vocals ranging from a belting classic doom metal beckon to a disembodied spirit taunting you in a black light funhouse.



And, just to piss off any self-obsessed metalhead purist, they have saxophone. Yeah, I said it – saxophone.

Because, well, it’s organic music. It’s not trying to be anyone else and it absolutely shows. There’s no reason that psychedelia, deathrock, and guttural garage metal can’t be sprayed with a pressure washer through a feminist swamp cooler and come out sounding like some ancient fire-keepers returning to Earth after letting the patriarchy run amok for 5,000 years. In short, Moira Scar is a band for fans of creativity and heavy music simultaneously. They do not adhere to precedent and they’re not worried about your opinion. They do, however, excel at some seriously out there medium that they have carved out for themselves and their live shows crush the mundane overwhelmingly heterosexual environment that too much heavy music lets itself settle into allowing for crusading, paradigm-shattering fun.


Moira Scar
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