Video Premiere: ODONIS ODONIS “Game” + “Betrayal”

Sometimes as I’m sitting at my computer, with my phone by my side, alternating glances between two glowing screens, I feel genuinely terrified that we are in the end times of physical human contact. It’s like a Matrix style portal to the future opens up before me and I see us all fucking androids. I guess Toronto’s ODONIS ODONIS has had the same visions, and finds them equally disturbing. We’re stoked to be premiering the new ODONIS ODONIS double video for their tracks “Game” and “Betrayal” off their album Post Plague which came out earlier this year via Felte Records. Director Nathan Hynes describes the inspiration behind this double video below:

In the cinema style videos for “Game” and “Betrayal,” our human protagonist, Gillian, cruises the streets in a post apocalyptic wasteland, finding companionship in the form of broken down android which she uses to fulfill all her emotional needs. All the while they are pursued by a faceless menace, which represents the unchecked proliferation of virtual reality, which in turn has rendered the physical world obsolete.





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