Watch as PASCAGOULA Crush Your Soul

Are you thirsty for a tall glass of HEAVY? Then PASCAGOULA will quench your throat with their doom elixir once they’ve let go their death grip on it. We’re stoked to be premiering the video for “Let It Come Down,” a track off their forthcoming album The Cross / The Path / The Aftermath due to hit the streets on September 1st via Dry Cough Records. Pascagoula’s new record The Cross / The Path / The Aftermath can be pre-ordered from Dry Cough Records here or from the band here. Right here and now, hit play on the video below!




Written by Pascagoula and Jed Harwood.

Images collected by Oli Melville, Ross Sargeant, Dave H-S and Katie Lenton.

Edited by Oli Melville.

Taken from the album ‘The Path / The Cross / The Aftermath’, released September 2018 by Dry Cough and Badlads.




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